house with various roof styles

Roof Styles – Part 5

Dormer roof. These roofs incorporate design elements from other types of roof. But the thing that makes them different is that they have a small structure with a window that protrudes out — this is normally where a bedroom is located. Pros – homes with dormer roofs have a bedroom high up in the roof…

roof top deck in edmonton

Roof Top Decks

Wind in your hair, sun in your face and a cool drink in your hand — nothing is better than hanging out on your deck in the summertime. Unless it’s a roof top deck! Adding a roof deck has some advantages over simply building a second-story deck, but first you must ensure that your roof…

Unique Roofs of the World

There’s just something about uniquely shaped and textured roofs that catch the eye. With their geometric shapes, asymmetrical curves and uncommon materials, these roofs aren’t really meant as inspiration for your next roofing project — but their creativity and ingenuity stirs emotions and lets us know that with the right knowledge, anything is possible!