aboutCover Me Roofing will solve any roofing problem you have, whether due to leaks, condensation, or ice damming. There’s no job too small. Contact us and we will help you with any roofing issues you have.

We know that having a highly skilled workforce, using quality materials and giving great service is the key to staying in business over the long term. With a history of satisfied customers we’ve worked with over the years, we are proud of our roofs.

The Cover Me Roofing team has over 30 years of experience in this field. During that time there hasn’t been a challenge that we haven’t met head-on and exceeded expectations.

You can be assured that we deal in more than roofs — we deal in happy customers.



Cover Me Roofing is now offering siding services.

In our search to bring you more exceptional services, we are bringing our expertise to the vinyl siding market. Having your roof and siding done at the same time helps to bring both projects together harmoniously.

If you have any questions on our siding services, contact us today.

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